Frequently Asked Questions

- BTW ,this product is Patent Pending

FPV = First Person Viewer

What is that thing?

It is the core to the Real3DFPV viewing experience. This 3D viewer consist of two 8" HQ FVP friendly LCD panels, each reflected to each eye using front surface mirrors. The geometry of the panels gives the viewer the impression of looking at one 8" panel. Two optional magnification lenses in front of the users eyes enlarge the viewed area to a 11" panel at 7" distance to the eye.

How does it work?

THE HELMET: Two separate video and audio signals are provided by dual a/v wireless receivers in the back of the helmet, and routed respectively to their appropriate lcd panel and speaker. Two 2.5 watt speakers are located in the side panels of the helmet. The helmet shell acts as a speaker cabinet to blend the left and right audio channels into a surround sound experience. Also contained within the helm is the optional DT-3K gravity/magnetic head tracker. This head tracker is the only wired device coming down out of the helmet by the neck and plugging into your r/c controller.

The REALROBOT : Having two high quality ccd cameras and two mini mics, RealRobot transmits two distinct video and audio signal wirelessly to the helmet. Cameras are place average human eye distance apart, and mini mics are place in similar distance to human's ears.


The Tru-Tilt gears control the focal convergence of the cameras. This provides two features:

  1. Toe-in convergence for viewing items closer than 10'. This function helps make 3D viewing more comfortable. It allows alignment of the 'focal distance' of the cameras, and just like your eyes do, the object
  2. Toe-out angles the cameras out away from center for 2D wide cockpit view using two monitors next to eachother. The receivers on the helmet have two outputs. The second of these outputs can be routed to 2 side by side monitors for this second viewing option.

Why 3D First Person Viewing

Depth perception is what makes flying and driving such a wonderful experience. Standard FPV systems using one camera only reveals a flat landscape with no definition or depth. By using 2 cameras, 2 mics and 2 wireless video/audio transmitters, we give your brain the stereoscopic vision and stereo sound it's used to. Couple that with a head tracker that matches the real time movements of you head, and you have a Real3DFPV experience.

Why we use LCD monitors in our 3D helmets

Affordability is the driving motivation behind using small sized LCD monitors for 3D FPV (first person viewer) helmets. Modern 'goggle' viewers are costly to adapt to dual video input required for sterescopic vision. And compatable 'virtual reality' goggles available on the market are four times the cost of our complete systems. With full 800 X 600 resolution, these LCD screens also go the extra mile in clarity. Full OSD options allow the user to tune each eye to prefered color and contrast.

Why we think out 3D system is superior

The only other 3D FPV system available on the market relies on field sequencing of two video signals through a single video transmitter. This signal is then split up at the reciever and 'sequenced' to each eye. Compliment the loss of transmitted resolution (due to split duty cycling) with the smaller camera sensor size used (1/4" CMOS in their case), and you have a system that lacks in resolution and frame rate. The Real3DFPV system uses two 1/3" Sony Super HAD 2 CCD cameras (600 tv lines) with TWO wireless video transmitters to provide the highest resolution and frame rate available. This actually creates a psuedo HD video image to the brain. 500 tv lines per TX equals 1000 vertical lines of image information to the brain. Although image clarity isn't improved in the doubling of tv lines, color and spaciality is doubled, providing twice the spacialiality of the image. Seeing is believing in this case!


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