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 Real 3D FPV
-an original approach
 to stereoscopic
remote vision that maximizes resolution to the furthest extent possible. Despite what you might think, Oculus and other high-end goggles do not provide the 'highest resolution/dpd (dots per degree) per eye' FPV experience. They also require expensive secondary components to make a fully functional system. It is no wonder that the 3D FPV market has yet to grow. Real 3D FPV intends to change that by providing a complete system in one package that increases resolution to it's highest acheivable level, simplifies functionality with a plug and play system, and cheapens the total cost of a stereoscopic remote vision system.

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Use the Tru-Tilt gear to change the angle of the cameras view.

Angle the cameras in for viewing close objects.

Angle the cameras out to enable dual monitor 2D cockpit viewing.
We like using big monitors to make it feel like you are in the vehicle.