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 Real 3D FPV
-an original approach
 to stereoscopic
remote vision that maximizes resolution to the furthest extent possible. Despite what you might think, Oculus and other high-end goggles do not provide the 'highest resolution/dpd (dots per degree) per eye' FPV experience. They also require expensive secondary components to make a fully functional system. It is no wonder that the 3D FPV market has yet to grow. Real 3D FPV intends to change that by providing a complete system in one package that increases resolution to it's highest acheivable level, simplifies functionality with a plug and play system, and cheapens the total cost of a stereoscopic remote vision system.

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To contact me with any questions or interest, call USA 1-913-636-6881 or email me at real3dfpv@gmail.com